Goodbye Nighttime Anxiety and Hello, Meekle Mates!

*Per FCC Full Disclosure guidelines, we were given a Meekle Mate to review. However, I only share things with my audience that have worked for us and that I believe may improve your own life, as well. ~Brandi*

Since Little Miss was born, she has slept through the night, in her own bed.

She has been, by far, the easiest sleeper we’ve had and I thank God every day for that, because the boys? Whoa, baby, they were tough!

But when Little Miss started having nightmares a few months ago – the really bad, wake-up every few hours kind of nightmares – it was a whole new ballgame. There were nights when we didn’t get more than an hour or two of sleep, because she was up so often. It was awful and she was genuinely scared. I felt horribly bad for her, but it needed to stop, because we were running on fumes.

When a friend posted that there was a new product called a Meekly Mates that helped children sleep through the night by easing their nighttime anxieties, I jumped on it. We were desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. I wasn’t sure how Little Miss would respond to it, after all, she’s seven and telling her that a stuffed toy was going to take away her bad dreams was a either going to go over well or…not so much.

Well, I am so excited to tell you that IT WORKED!!! Not only did it work for a night, not only did it work for a week, but it has worked every single night for about six weeks. If I could hug the makers of the Meekle Mate I would. Thank you for helping to ease my daughter’s nighttime anxiety!!

Here’s how it works…

Meekle Mates are sweet, magical creatures created to give children the peace of mind they need to have a restful night’s sleep. They help to rid children of any bedtime anxiety that they may experience, especially bad dreams. Children of all ages have great imaginations, therefore the Meekle Mate empowers them by fighting off any monsters or bad dreams. The Meekle Mate serves as a protector and allows your child to feel safe as they sleep.

Friends, they work. They really, really work!

Little Miss has Meekle Mate Tula and Tula is now a constant companion at bedtime. When we went away on vacation, Tula came with us. When Little Miss had a sleepover, Tula went along. No matter where Little Miss is sleeping, Tula is beside her. And every night, Tula’s pouch gets emptied of the dust from the bad dreams from the night before.

And every night, Little Miss sleeps through the night. The bad dreams have been banished thanks to Meekle Mate Tula and we are all resting soundly again. We owe Tula a debt of gratitude!

If your child struggles with nightmares and nighttime anxiety, I highly suggest that you get your own Meekle Mate. You can find out more about them and order yours here.