Freebie Friday Party: Chore Pie Challenge

Brandi Jordan

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Freebie Friday Party: Chore Pie Challenge

Ah, the start of a brand new year! Everything feels fresh and clean and…wait, what? You mean your kids aren’t helping with chores? Let’s change that around, Mama, and give them some things to help out with!

This week’s Freebie Friday goodie is a brand new chore chart system that we’re implementing. It breaks the chore system down into four main chores each day for five days each week. Since we do family chores on the weekend, we didn’t want to include those in their daily chore charts. However, this chore chart has a bit of a twist…it also includes giving back.


We want to emphasize giving back and charity efforts more this year, so we have included in the children’s chore charts. Whatever they would normally get for a chore, we split in half and give half to a charity of their choice. For example, since Super A is now a teenager (hold me), his chores are a bit more involved and he would normally earn 50 cents per chore. The chore pie challenge splits that fifty cents in half and half goes to him and half goes to his charity of choice.

We’re also implementing a savings challenge for the kids (and ourselves) this year, so half of his “take home” weekly chore money will go into a savings account. So, if he takes home $5.00 each week, $2.50 will go into savings. $2.50 multiplied by 50 weeks (2 off for vacation), at the end of the year he’ll have $125 in savings. He’ll also have $125 to spend throughout the year and he will have donated $250 to a charity of his choice.

I’m including a copy of the completed chore pie chart that he’s doing, but there’s also a blank one for you to complete for your child. The beauty of this system is that it teaches about giving back to charity while also rewarding for work. Make each chore worth whatever fits into your family budget, so that you don’t have to “skip” paying your kiddo for his chores. Getting that “pay check” at the end of the week is a sure incentive for completing chores during the week.

You might also like to try these other chore charts and explore these fun chore chart ideas. There are many ways to get your children involved and, dare I say, excited about helping out around the house. Make this year the year of delegation!


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