Free Reading Games for Kids

Fun reading games for kids keep them engaged while strengthening their reading skills. Here are some of our favorites!

Strong readers are the best prepared to be successful in the classroom and developing a childs love for reading is one of the most important keys to their literacy success. Fun reading games are a great way to help children develop their reading skills while fostering a love of reading. There are plenty of online options for fun free reading games for kids online, customized for a variety of different skill levels.

Fun Reading Games for Kids


The Scholastic website offers a number of free reading games for kids that are based on the characters of some of their most popular book offerings. These games can help kids develop a deeper connection to the characters in books, making them want to spend more time reading.

Room Recess

At Room Recess, parents and teachers alike can find a variety of reading games for kids that focus on many literacy components. They can get practice on topics like authors purpose, fact versus opinion, sight words, and much, much more. There are also audiobooks available on the site to enjoy.

Knowledge Adventure

The reading games section of Knowledge Adventure has multiple options available to keep kids engaged while delivering reading skills practice. Choose from letter activities, typing games, Hangman, and lots of other word games that are perfect to help kids develop their love of reading. provides a number of free reading games for kids that focus on specific books, plus include practice on sight words, building sentences, and other relevant topics. While these games are not as interactive as some of the other choices, the educational concepts here are very solid and great for reinforcing current lessons.


The reading games at SmartyGames offers both English and Spanish options, helping early learners develop their reading skills. Kids can listen to or be read classic fairy tales in either language, plus use interactive flashcards to learn the alphabet and action words in an online format.

Education World

The Reading Machine at Education World has fun reading games for kids preschool age through high school. The games on this site support readers of all different abilities and interests, helping them to learn the skills necessary to become a reader or getting vocabulary and comprehension practice for the most advanced readers.

Sheppard Software

The vocabulary and grammar games at Sheppard Software help readers build the tools that they need to become stronger readers. Even those who are at the SAT prep level can find useful reading games for kids who are getting ready to begin their quest for higher education.

Mr. Nussbaum

Enjoy unique story units, sight words games, online reading comprehension, and other fun reading games that were created and compiled by a teacher to be supplements for children who need extra practice, homeschoolers, and those who just enjoy learning.

With so many free reading games for kids, keeping them busy and engaged in reading is easier than ever. Take a look at some of the many options available and find activities that will grow your childs love of reading.

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