Easter Printable for Kids: Foldable Mini-Book

Little Miss has been fascinated with all things mini lately

rom doll accessories to dollhouse furniture, it’s all over our house. So, when her baby dolls needed an Easter mini-book for “school”, I whipped up this free Easter printable for kids. It prints on one sheet of paper (hallelujah!) and, if you set your printing preferences to black and white, it won’t use any color ink. Best of all, it kept Little Miss (and her dolls!) engaged and learning even without realizing it. Homeschool mom printable for the win!😉

Mini-Activity Book Easter Printable for Kids

The front cover has a line for name customization (don’t worry, it doesn’t come with my name on it).

Pages one and two feature an acrostic poem using EASTER as the base word, and a page for some creative Easter basket drawing.

Flip it to the next two pages and you have a coloring egg and an Easter word scramble. Egg…scramble…get it?

Pages 5 and 6 are home to a secret code and a flower match.

And the back cover gives your little learner (and her dolls) a place to jot down their favorite things about Easter – on jellybean lines of course!

I am seriously a fan of mini-books, because they’re so easy to store and save. You know those decorative cardboard boxes that you always see at the craft store and think, “Wow, those are so cute, but I have no clue what I’d use them for!?!” Friends, you now have a reason to buy them – they’re perfect for mini-book storage and a great way to keep track of portfolio work. If you’re like me and need to justify your purchases, there you go. You’re welcome.😉

To download your free copy of the Easter mini-book, just click the image below! While a lot of printables work well with cardstock, I’d actually suggest just printing this on plain paper. It’s much easier to fold that way! Happy “stealthy” schooling and Happy Easter!