Animal Grossology at the Academy of Natural Sciences

Animal Grossology at the Academy of Natural Sciences

As I mentioned here, I’m partnering with the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia this year to bring you some of the great exhibits and resources that they have available. We had the pleasure of attending their preview day for the new Animal Grossology exhibit that opened on Saturday, May 16th and runs through August 30th. It’s filled with…well, gross facts and information which makes for a perfect learning opportunity!


The exhibit is based on the Sylvia Branzei’s children’s book series called Grossology

It’s a fascinating look at all things slimy, squishy, gooey, and gross. During the week they have some amazingly gross and wickedly cool activities like dissecting cow eyes and squid. Seriously, how much fun is that for your science-loving kids?! Mine had a blast!

Speaking of blast…the exhibit about a cow’s digestive system was my oldest’s favorite. It came with sound effects.

Little Miss was thrilled to see the owl pellets, because we had dissected our own in the fall and she loved it!

Super G was all about challenges and the trivia game about blood color and the Animal Grossology quiz game were his favorites.

I was thoroughly grossed out when looking at the flea and leech exhibit. Ugh!

Big D started having second thoughts about his love of honey when he saw it was really bee vomit. What’s a little bee vomit between friends, right?

If you live in the Philadelphia area, the Animal Grossology exhibit is totally worth checking out. It makes a great addition to your end of year homeschooling activities and it’s one of those experiences that your kids will continue to talk about. Mainly because it was so gross…which is totally awesome!

Visit the Academy of Natural Science’s website to purchase tickets and plan your visit this summer!