8 Great Songs for Kids to Start The Day

There is nothing better than starting the day with a smile and a great attitude

Homeschooling can sometimes be challenging on those dayswhen no one seems to want to work, but with the right song to start the morning, it can make everything a bit better.

“Our auditory systems, our nervous systems, are tuned for music. Perhaps we are a musical species no less than a linguistic one,” contends Oliver Sacks in his article “The Power of Music” published in the Oxford Journals, Brain: A Journal of Neurology. It is a fascinating read about the importance of music and how we, as humans, have a profound relationship to it in all of its many forms. The sounds we hear, the music we listen to, help to shape our memories and triggers for future retelling. It is a powerful connection that we develop and one that seems to be almost timeless.

For children, starting the day with powerful musical affirmations is a wonderful way to encourage them while also focusing their energy and preparing them for the day ahead. We start the day with songs that make us smile and get the kids ready to learn. They are happy, energetic songs, but also a signal that the school day is beginning and it’s time to focus. Below are the eight songs that we rotate through in the mornings. I hope your family enjoys them as much as ours does!

Who I Am by Will.i.am

Brave by Sara Bareilles

Steal My Show by tobyMac

Who I Am by Jessica Andrews

Speak Life by tobyMac

Don’t Give Up by Bruno Mars

We love the messages in the next two Katy Perry songs, but the videos may be too much for your kids. In fact, we just listened to the songs and don’t play the videos. I’ve included them here though so you can make your own determination about what’s appropriate for your family.
Roar by Katy Perry

Firework by Katy Perry