4 Minecraft YouTube Channels for Kids

4 Minecraft YouTube Channels for Kids

Today’s technology savvy kids have learned to navigate the Internet and hunt down what they need faster than a cheetah chasing a poor, unsuspecting gazelle on the nature channel. It’s impressive really. And also slightly scary.

Since parenting is also another word for “try to monitor your child’s every move on the Internet”, it is our responsibility to narrow down their searches and guide them in the right direction. Now, if your child is a Minecraft fan (or wants to be one), it’s important to know that a lot of what he or she learns will be from watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. And we all know that YouTube has some very…questionable content for little eyes.

To help narrow down the tutorial search, I enlisted Little Miss’ help, because she is one of our resident Minecraft experts. Did I mention we use Minecraft a lot in homeschooling? You can read more about that here and here. So, without further ado, here are four Minecraft YouTube channels for kids!

4 Minecraft YouTube Channels for Kids

With multiple videos listed each week, Flower Craft is a great place for new Minecraft players to start. From basic videos that teach you how to add a server to more advanced house building tutorials, this channel is closely monitored for kid-friendly content and language. For more advanced Minecraft users, there are mini-games and more that share ideas, tips and tricks, and behind the scenes tutorials for creating advanced furniture pieces and using short codes. It’s a newer channel, but has quickly become our favorite due to its content and the positive tone in the videos. It’s a great channel to like and subscribe to if your child is interested in Minecraft.

With his British accent, this seasoned Minecraft player is the coolest cat in the Minecraft tutorial world. He has fun games, tutorials and more. He also has a special Minecraft garden where he recognizes his subscribers and followers. The servers he plays on are also mentioned so as to give players ideas about new games and challenges.

Imagine an adorable yellow duck running around Minecraft and you’ve got Squaishy’s daily videos. While there are some videos on Terraria and Rayman, the majority of them are kid-friendly Minecraft ones that teach about game play and demonstrate how to do that in game. Squaishy is one of Little Miss’ favorites.

Stacy is not only committed to not swearing or using foul language in her videos, she also tries valiantly to weed profanity from the comments on her YouTube channel. The Minecraft videos she posts are fun and engaging and there’s usually a new video every day. Be sure to check out her channel!

While there are tons of other YouTube Minecraft channels for kids, these four are the ones we’ve approved for Little Miss to watch the most frequently. If you have a channel that your kids love to watch, add it in the comments below and I’ll check it out. Who knows, there may be another article featuring your channel! And if you’re looking for a gift for your Minecraft enthusiast, try these!