Simple Homeschool Hour Tracker

Have to keep track of your homeschool hours, but need an easy, uncomplicated way? Get the FREE Homeschool Hour Tracker!

Keeping track of homeschool hours can be a Trust me, after a decade of homeschooling, I understand!

This simple homeschool hour tracker lets you keep track of the hours spent homeschooling without the fuss.

Tracking Homeschool Hours

In Pennsylvania, we need to track either 180 days or 900 hours. That’s a lot of days and hours!

I love using online planners, but truth be told, I love the act of coloring in or marking off the hours and days as we do them. It makes me feel accomplished. Ha!


This printable homeschool hour tracker came from a desire to keep things simple. I printed one per child and filled them in as we went along.

At the end of the school year I was able to easily gather the pages together and prove our hours.

If you need to record the date for each hour or day, just jot it down in the box before coloring it in.


I know some states require a certain number of hours in each subject, so you could either color-code the hours (i.e. – English is blue, Social Studies is Green, Math is red, etc.) or use a different sheet for each subject.

To get your free copy of the Super Simple Homeschool Hour Tracker, just click here. It will be emailed to you for easy printing.

I’ve found that downloads straight from the site can get easily lost in download folders and weird places you never knew existed on your computer. Emailing it to you makes it a bazillion times easier for you to find.

If you’re more into online planners, don’t fret! Check out some of my favorite homeschooler planners here.

I hope you have a fabulous year!