MamaTeaches Online

NEW Classes Added for Winter/Spring 2017!

Welcome to the MamaTeaches Online classes for homeschoolers through CurrClick Live!  As a homeschool mama now for many years, I remember feeling exceptionally frustrated with the lack of class offerings for the younger crowd.  I didn’t want my kids to sit in front of the computer all day long, but I wanted them to learn the basics of it and learn how to interact in a safe environment.  When I was offered the opportunity to teach 4-8 year olds through CurrClick Live, I jumped at the chance!  Now this is something that was missing when my oldest two were little!

Click Here to See the Current MamaTeaches Online Classes for Homeschoolers at CurrClick LIVE.


I’m also SUPER excited to announce that I am teaching an entirely different set of classes on the brand new platform! You can find a complete list of my classes here. I hope to see you soon!