When the Ice Cream Is Gone

I had been in such a great routine last fall.

Slipping from bed in the wee hours of the morning, driving to the gym, working out and getting in some much needed physical – and mental – “me” time. It was fantastic and over the course of three months, I was well on my way to weighing what I wanted to weigh. I felt amazing.

Then winter came. “When it stops snowing, I’ll get back into my routine,” I told myself. After all, there were plenty of days when the roads were icy and it simply wasn’t safe to head out before the salt trucks. The fact that I have an exercise bike and free weights never seemed to register.

And when I shoveled in February I pulled a muscle near my heart and not only was it frightening, but the only way it would heal was to let it rest. “When it heals, I’ll get back into my routine,” I vowed.

Then a business trip, a birthday, a holiday, and another business trip later and I found myself in May. “After we get back from vacation, I’ll get back into my routine,” I grumped. Now having gained back more than half of what I had lost.

Vacation came and went and when we returned I was and have been busier than ever. I made it to the gym twice. And hurt my knee again. “When this heals, I’ll get back into my routine,” I sighed.

So now my knee is healed and last night I was thinking about getting back into my routine and I thought, “When the ice cream is gone, I’ll get back into my routine.”

When the ice cream is gone. When the ice cream is gone?!?

Not acceptable, Self, not acceptable at all.

By the time you’re reading this post on Thursday morning, I will have already been to the gym. I will have started to get back into my routine.

Because the ice cream is gone!

What excuses do you use to procrastinate and stay off track?