7 Healthy Snacks for Afternoon Snackers

Having a hard time getting through the afternoon without a snack?

That’s okay, you’re not alone. Instead of going off track by grabbing a bag of chips of scarfing down a candy bar, opt for one of the healthy and delicious snacks below. Whether you’re craving something sweet or longing for some savory goodness, these seven snacks have you covered!

7 Healthy Snacks for Afternoon Snackers

Sweet, yet not overly so, these yummy banana and chocolate chip muffins are also great for making in large batches and freezing for later.

Need a crunchy snack to hold you through the afternoon munchy hours? Try these delicious roasted chickpeas. Fair warning though, they don’t last long!

Veggies by themselves can leave a lot to be desired, but with a spoonful of this deliciousness, they’re a treat to eat! Bonus that sweet potatoes are super good for you!

I really can’t say enough about how much I love these banana chips. Slice a banana around noon, stick it in the oven on 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a few hours and by the time you’re ready for a snack, they’re ready!

With two teen boys in the house, energy bites go fast! These are delicious enough that we make them in large batches and refrigerate them in a sealed container. Honestly, they still fly off the shelf, but at least they last longer than 10 minutes.

When you need something a wee bit more substantial to tide you over to dinner, whip up one of these tasty veggie quesadillas. If you’re not into ricotta or mozzarella, try using a bit of cheddar instead.

And, if you only have a few minutes to whip up a quick snack, go for a veggie-fruit smoothie like this scrumptious one! Not only will you enjoy the pick-me-up, but your kids will drink it up too!

Snack time can be a pitfall for many, so don’t beat yourself up if you make a not-so-healthy choice once in awhile. The trick is to just keep trying to do better next time and the recipes above can help you do that! Enjoy!