Super Simple Behavior Chart Calendar Pages

When my boys were little, they were TOUGH.

Seriously tough. I remember days when behaviors were so challenging that I thought for sure I’d be bald from pulling out my hair before my husband came home from work. We tried fancy charts, we tried tickets, in fact, we tried just about everything. And then we discovered that the simplest calendars worked the best. Who knew!

The other day I heard a friend lamenting the fact that she needed to find a behavior plan that would work for her son and the memories came flooding back in. So, I whipped up some Super Simple Behavior Chart Calendar Pages and hope that they might help you, as well.

To use them, simply place a sticker, star, or smiley face on each day when your child makes good choices. Be gracious. Your child is, after all, a child and going to make bad choices – that’s how they learn. Take the day as a whole and, before you even start using the calendar, define the criteria for “good choices” and getting a sticker in a way that your child can understand. Give him the tools and encouragement to succeed. It will make your life and his a lot more pleasant.

After a week, if he earns a preset number of smiley faces, have a reward. Maybe special snuggle time, extra reading time at bed, or something that will mean the most to him. It does not need to be a “thing” or money; time spent together often means the most.

I’ve created pages for you for July through December 2014 and you can download them for free below. Keep going, Mama. You’ll get through this testing phase and move on to happier times. You can do this!