Printable Chore Chart Cards

Brandi Jordan

While most of the chores remain the same, how they are presented is slightly different. The printable chore chart cards are perfect if your kids like to use dry erase markers, because you can easily laminate them and re-use them day after day.

I have included one chore card with an example of our youngest’s current chores, but there is a blank one that you can customize for your older children , as well. After you have written the chores and your child’s name in on the card, laminate it with your handy-dandy laminator or take it to a local office supply store and have them do it for you. For best results, print the cards out on heavy card stock so that when you laminate them they are extra sturdy.

You can download the chore chart cards here:

Customizable Chore Chart Card (with chores)

Customizable Chore Chart Card (blank)

You might also be interested in these other chore chart downloads if the card will not work for you:

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