Mama Must Have: Organized Prettiness Planner and Chore Chart for Mama

I have always been one to write things out and make a plan.

In fact, I currently have three physical paper planners, two spreadsheets on my laptop, and about five apps to fill in the gaps. No joke.

Well, today I found a new planner from Zoo Cutie Printables called the “Organized Prettiness, Life Full of Happiness Organizer Planner” that I fell in love with…seriously. in. love.

With six different sections for household planning, budgeting, blogging, cleaning (think chore charts for mama), grocery shopping, calendars, and even bookmarks(!!!), it’s a great addition to my planner collection. I love that the colors are so pretty and soothing….just what’s needed when recording monthly bills and checking off cleaning jobs to make the tasks more pleasant. (Anything that makes paying bills better is worth it.)

You can read more about the organizer and see pretty pictures (to go with the pretty pages) on Zoo Cutie Printable’s website here or just go right to the order page here.

Let me know what you think! I’ll be over here hole-punching, organizing, and lovingly-attending to my own planner.