How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike

Teaching your kid to ride a bike for the first time can be scary and exciting. Here are some tips to make it easier!

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike

Teaching your kid to ride a bike for the first time can be both scary and exciting. There are some ways to help make it go smoothly. Here’s some tips on how to teach a kid to ride a bike.

When my oldest first learned to ride a bike, I think I was more nervous than he was. The good news is that he eventually picked it up and, by the third child, I was a lot calmer. Teaching a kid to ride a bike is not for the faint of heart!

If your little one is ready to start biking, here are some easy ways to make it go smoothly. The most important thing in the process? It's you staying calm and confident - even if you have to fake it!

Start with Training Wheels

Training wheels help your kid get comfortable with some of the basics of the bike, such as pedaling and braking. This way, your kid doesn’t have to learn how to balance the bike while learning how to master the other skills at the same time. The training wheels can help give your kid a sense of security so that it’s less scary for him - and for you!

Adjust Training Wheels as Skills Improve

As your child starts balancing the bike better, you can adjust the position of the training wheels. They can generally be moved to various intervals to allow for more independent balancing. This still leaves an aid for mishaps, but gives them a chance to balance the bike on their own as well.

When to Remove Training Wheels

When to remove training wheels when you teach a kid how to ride a bike can vary. Each child will progress at a different rate, so don't rush it or feel like you have to go with a set schedule. Watch and listen to your child for cues.

Some signs your child may be ready to try the bike without training wheels are:

  • balancing without the training wheels touching the ground
  • steady pedaling
  • comfortable riding
  • braking

You know your child best, so if you feel he is ready, go ahead and try. You can always be close behind for mishaps. Those are simply a part of teaching a kid how to ride a bike.

What You Need When Teaching a Kid to Ride a Bike

  • Bike that's appropriate for the child's size
  • Bike helmet that fits securely
  • Bandaids
  • Patience
  • Nerves of Steel

Has your child recently learned how to ride a bike? Share your best tips with us below! We'd love to know how you helped your child be successful!!

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