How to Reorganize Your Kitchen

How to Reorganize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is no doubt easily the most busy and well-used room or space in the house, so it is no surprise if chaos and clutter can take over it just a matter of minutes. The good news is you can always rescue your kitchen’s potential and have it organized in no time. Here are a few practical ways on how you can do it:
Move Unused Appliances and Furniture

You cannot deny the fact that one of the several things that take up too much space and add clutter to your kitchen are appliances and furniture that you seldom or no longer use. Whether it’s a turkey roaster, a bread maker, or any other kitchen appliance, reassign it to the basement if it has no use in the kitchen anymore. This way, you can give more space to newer appliances and furniture that you use on a regular basis.

Group Kitchen Items
This may require time and effort, but it is an excellent way to organize items you use in the kitchen. Start by pulling out all kitchen items you have such as dishes, pans, silverware, and even cookbooks until all storage areas are empty. Next, organize the items in containers according to function, frequency of use, and size.

Shop for More Storage

Before you go about this step, it would be a good idea to change the way you think about how a kitchen should look like. This will enable you to do more with whatever kitchen space you have. Among the things you can shop for include hooks, large transparent plastic containers with wheels, and wire baskets for cleaning agents and other small kitchen stuff.

Create Storage Stations

Creating stations for kitchen items will allow you to keep items where you use them. For instance, for your coffee mugs, spoons, sugar, and coffeemaker, you can have a counter tray where you can arrange and keep them together for easy access. You can also have baking items stored in a particular station near your baking area.

Add Some Finishing Touches

You can make your newly organized kitchen look even more beautiful by adding a few finishing touches. Polish kitchen surfaces by putting a flower vase or a large bowl or basket of fruits on top of them.

These are simple, yet very practical ways to organize your kitchen to make it a more efficient place to work in. For more kitchen ideas, you can always visit home improvement websites or browse home improvement books and magazines.

About the Author: Ben Wall is a home design blogger who writes for Alljoinery Solutions. He is passionate about what he does and wishes to share to people what he has learned from his experiences.