How to Keep Track of Family Schedules and Activities

Family activities are always fun, that is, until you lose track of what’s, where’s, how’s, and when’s of it all.

Keeping track of family activities is not only practical but also usually necessary especially for big households. A family activity tracking system that you create yourself is a sure way to make any holiday, party, or meet-up more fun and convenient.

Here a few ideas you can use to track your family’s activities easier.

A Household Calendar

One of the easiest ways to keep track of family activities is by using a big family calendar. Buy large calendars with big squares that can be easy to write on. It’s preferable to display two or three months at a time and to use a different pen color for each family member to make changes easier to identify. You can pin it on a door or kitchen cabinet that can be easily accessed by everyone in the household.

A Whiteboard or a Corkboard

Whiteboards and corkboards for messages are perfect for notes and reminders such as homework, projects, and household chores. You can choose to have one big message board for the entire family, located at the kitchen, or have one for each bedroom where family members can post notes to remind each other of activities and tasks.

An iPhone App (or something digital)

Technology has made the lives of moms easier with numerous phone apps that moms can use to keep track of family activities. There are free and paid versions of useful apps that moms, or dads, can download that can help you make sure that grocery lists are updated, appointments are not forgotten, someone picked up the laundry, and chores are done. The cool thing about most of these apps is that you can update as you go and it can shared with the entire family. Check out Cozi or Intuition, a Mom’s Personal Assistant as great examples.

Knowing how to keep track of family activities is not only convenient, it is also gives you peace of mind. So stop worrying about forgetting when the next family outing will be and start tracking them now.