Free Printable Chore Charts for Preschoolers

I am a firm believer in starting kids early on chores.

That being said, I’m also a strong believer in kids being given chores they are developmentally able to do. Assigning a 4 year old to unload the dishwasher? Probably not a good idea. Having the 4 year old make her bed? Absolutely!

The two chore charts below are perfect for getting your little one started. They limit the number of chores to five each day and are filled with tasks that your preschooler is able to accomplish. Remember, your standard for making the bed may not be in tune with your child’s abilities, so you are going to have to compromise. Does Little Suzy learn responsibility or is the bed made with military precision? Which is going to make more of an impact in Suzy’s life? (Hint, not the military precision!)


Download the chart that works best for you – the one with the days of the week left blank or the one with the days of the week pre-printed – and teach your child that even the most basic chores or tasks of the day can make a big impact. Have fun!