Free Homework Checklist Printable

One of the best ways to avoid homework hassles is to make sure everyone knows what the assignments are.

This free homework checklist printable is the perfect way to stay on track and not miss assignments! It’s the one we use and that’s worked best for our three kids.

Free Homework Checklist Printable

I started seeing the need for a homework checklist by the second week of school. We’d go through the same dance each afternoon of me asking what they had for homework and getting either vague answers or blank looks. They’d end up missing assignments and then rushing to make them up throughout the week. There had to be a better way. So, the homework checklist was created to not only help them organize their thoughts, but to help me keep from going batty. 😉


Not only does the free homework checklist that I created make it easier for the kids to focus and work their way through their “to-do” list, but it also gives me an idea of what needs to be accomplished and how to help with homework. The free downloadable homework checklist below is perfect for organizing daily work, planning out the week’s homework assignments, and creating a general plan for work completion. You might even want to print out enough for the entire month and fill in the long-term assignments too, so that they don’t sneak up on you the day before they’re due.

Print it out and use it to help your kids succeed too! If you’re a teacher and would like to use it with your class, consider permission granted.🙂

Tip: Have kids place a check-mark in the check box and use the pencil box for parents’ initials to show that the work has been completed.