Completed Chore Chart Equals Wi-fi Password Printable

Brandi Jordan

A couple of years ago I ran across this article in The Atlantic about an image that had been posted on Google+ about withholding the wi-fi password until the day’s chores were done. I thought it was brilliant, but my kids did not have access to their own electronics at the time. Fast forward two years and multiple iPods, iPads, Kindles, and laptops later and the idea is perfectly timed.

Wi-Fi Password Chore Reward

Our kids have chore charts, so I didn’t need to list the chores on the page with the wi-fi password. Instead of going through tons of paper and ink, I decided to create a simple printable and stick it in a glass picture frame. I then use a dry erase marker and write the password on each day after all of the chores have been completed.

You could do the same or print out new papers for each day – your call. To save ink, try printing them in grayscale instead of color. If you have multiple children who don’t always finish chores at the same time, printing out the pages and passing them out might be a better option. It’s all about what works for you.

I’ll also be adding completed schoolwork (minus computer work, of course) to the list of “things that must be done” requirements come the fall. Hopefully, it will curb excess screen time and keep the kids focused on the things they need to do before they get distracted by things online!


Download your free wi-fi password printable here or by clicking on the picture below. You can print it out on cardstock or on plain copy paper.

While it may not solve all of your screen time management issues, your house will be a lot tidier!


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