2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Homeschool Moms

Brandi Jordan

It comes from all angles and just when I think I have an answer, someone else asks and I’m left at a loss for an answer. While I appreciate the fact that those who are asking have my best interests at heart and the very best of intentions, sometimes I just don’t know what I want for Christmas (or my birthday or Mother’s Day…). I know I’m not the only mother who faces this dilemma of not being able to ask for a straight IV of caffeine knowing what she wants, so I asked around and have come up with eight amazing gifts that any homeschool mom would love to have.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Homeschool Moms


Slippers are always a good go-to gift, but the trick is to get slippers that are more “shoe-y” than “slipper-y”. Why? Well, because sometimes us homeschooling moms have to dash out of the house to catch the UPS truck or bring in the garbage cans and slippers without a hardy, durable sole get all nasty and wet. Trust me, there is nothing fun or cozy about soggy slippers. The Bobs from Skechers are not only comfy, they’re warm and the sole is perfect for a homeschool mama’s lifestyle.

2.Circulon 2-Quart Circles Teakettle, Capri Turquoise A tea kettle for a coffee drinking, homeschooling mom? Yes, please! There is something soothing about the ritual of preparing a cup of tea using a tea kettle. No matter how stressful the day is or how many cups of coffee I’ve had, when I put on water for a cup of tea it’s almost like giving myself permission to relax for a few minutes while it’s being made. In the rush of the hectic day, that’s something I really enjoy…and desperately need. Don’t go with a plain Jane tea kettle though; spruce things up with one in turquoise or red. (I have one like this in red and it’s mah-velous, darling!)

3.Give the Gift of Amazon Prime I was never a believer in rewards or membership programs until I joined Amazon Prime. The Free 2-Day Shipping makes this a gift that will pay for itself a hundred times over. Since we’re a one car family, getting out to the store during the week for dog food or cat litter or gifts is really challenging, but since I can order those things online and have them to the house in just a couple of days, it’s made life a lot easier. The fact that Prime Membership also comes with streaming video that we run through the Wii makes it an absolute bonus since we also don’t have cable. Prime also lets you borrow Kindle books and there’s now Prime Music that lets you listen to ad-free streaming songs. If you’re stuck on a gift to give a homeschooling mom, a Gift of Amazon Prime Membership is a sure hit.

4.Essential Oils Facial Clay Bar by HeartJCreationsI have used a lot of facial cleansers throughout the years, but Jodi and Dru from HeartJCreations have some of the finest soap I have ever used. (And we used to make our own soap!) The Essential Oils Facial Clay bar features a fantastic mix of clays and essential oils that are nourishing to the skin. The cold weather always wreaks havoc on my skin even though we’re inside a lot during the winter months. I’m not worried though, because this facial bar has dry winter skin beat by a mile. For the homeschool moms who like small business, American made products this is the perfect gift. Check out the Organic “8” Butter, as well!


In her heart of hearts, every homeschool mama has words that she wants to pen. Thoughts of the day, recordings of the children’s antics, and words to remind her of life outside of homeschooling all eagerly wait for a quiet moment and a soft spot to land. This beautiful heart writing journal is the perfect place for her to jot down her thoughts in the quiet time between waking and rising.


I have to admit that seeing organizers like this makes me feel like it’s Christmas. Instantly. There is something about being able to organize all of the odds and ends and tiny craft supplies that clutter up my closets that just makes my heart skip a beat. Us homeschooling mamas tend to see potential in every widget and whatnot that we find, but organizing them is another story. This Creative Options Organizer not only helps keep everything tidy, it’s also pretty and portable – two things that make any mom very happy.


Homeschooling keeps us busy, but it doesn’t make it easy to fit in the amount of exercise we’d like to do throughout the day. One of the ways that I love keeping track of my daily activity is with the Fitbit Zip. It’s tiny, charged by a watch battery, and can be clipped on my shoelaces, hip, or even my shirt. The clip holds it firmly in place even with a lot of running or walking. There are other Fitbits out there and some new ones that will be coming out soon, but I really like not having to wear this on my wrist like the others require. I also like that the Zip is about half as much as the others. It’s a great gift for the mama who wants to be moving!


There is something about a handmade hat that makes you feel a bit more put together…even on those days when you’re huddled at home in sweats. The beautiful hats from JadeExpressions, a talented handmade seller on Etsy, come in a variety of colors and styles, so if flowers aren’t your mom’s thing, there are plenty of other options. I confess that I wear my hat inside on cold days just because it keeps me toasty and looks adorable.

Homeschool mamas, what’s on your holiday wish list?


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