Using 3D Pens As An Art Medium

Using 3D Pens As An Art Medium

My kids are always up for trying new art mediums and this summer has been unplanned enough that we’ve had the opportunity to delve into some really fun ones. One of our favorites, by far, has been a new 3D pen that we discovered. It’s called the IDO3D Vertical and it’s quickly become the go-to art medium for these hot summer days when we’re stuck inside. I have a feeling it’s also going to be ideal for the long winter months, as well!

3D Pens for Kids

When we initially tried the IDO3D Vertical pens we quickly realized that, just like any art medium, it was going to take some practice to get it to produce the results we wanted. Since Little Miss had been working hard to learn other arts and crafts mediums (weaving, drawing, and painting specifically), it was actually perfect timing to find the pens. She’s spent quite a few hours perfecting and honing her 3D pen drawing skills this summer (when she can get her brothers to stop using it!). While I needed to assist her at first, she totally took over and created her pieces on her own. As a mom, I loved that she could complete her crafts independently and that it required her to use a bit of patience. Those fine motor skills got a workout – which should be what any good art medium does!

Let me show you what came with our kit (and my daughter using it!):

There were four pens (orange/red, green, blue, and white), the snap on curing lights, tracing slide, templates, shape domes, and instructions. What’s not shown in the picture is that the curing lights already come with batteries installed – HALLELUJAH! I never have the right batteries on hand, so having them come pre-installed was ah-mazing!

I loved that there were templates included in the kit too. You place the clear plastic tracing slide over the design you want to do and just start drawing. Until your child gets the hang of it and starts thinking of designs on his own, the templates are a fantastic place to start. The awesome people at IDO3D Art actually put together some free 3D Art Courses that your children can do, as well. They even have courses for the AtmosFlare 3D pen that we also love! We’re going to be integrating them into our homeschool curriculum this year, because Little Miss has already asked to continue using the 3D pen in her art studies. We might even try re-creating statues from our art history study!


In addition to integrating the IDO3D into our art studies, I’m also planning on having Little Miss use it for:

  • creating a model of the solar system for our space unit;
  • building a covered wagon to go along with our study on westward expansion;
  • doing a 3D drawing of a human skeleton when we talk about bones and anatomy.

I’m sure that we’ll incorporate it into other units of study as we get to them, but those are the three that I’ve already jotted down in my planner.

The two promotion videos that IDO3D Art did on their YouTube channel show some other cool ideas that Little Miss was interested in trying out. Take a look:

Aren’t they cool?!

The IDO3D Pens have definitely become one of our favorite art mediums, because there’s so much versatility and creativity that can go in to the projects. The kids aren’t limited to two-dimensional creations and can really express themselves artistically with this new tool. I can’t wait to see what they create in the coming months!

And I can’t wait to see what your kids create, as well! Enter below to win one of three IDO3D Vertical Kits that are being given away this summer. Good luck!!