Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Craft for Kids

These Thanksgiving Napkin Rings are an easy craft for kids to make and will look great on your Thanksgiving table!

My mom was a genius at giving us crafts to do in preparation for holidays and Thanksgiving was no exception.  I remember creating little tent place cards for everyone who would be coming for Thanksgiving dinner and I could not wait for the guests to arrive so I could show them my creations. 

This year my own children will be crafting napkin rings for our guests and will, hopefully, be just as excited for family and friends to arrive and show off their crafts.

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings Craft for Kids

Ages:  5+

Time: 15-45 minutes

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic Tablecloth
  • Rag or Paper Towels
  • Scrapbook Paper or Construction Paper
  • White Glue, Glue Stick, or Tape
  • Kid-Safe Scissors
  • Circle for Tracing (we used an extra medicine cup)
  • Paper Towel Tube
  • Marker
  • Pencil


  1. Using the glue lines on the paper towel tube as guides, cut sections of the cardboard into 2-3” pieces.  If your paper towel tube does not have glue lines, you can always measure out the pieces or just eyeball it.  You will need one small section per guest.

  2. Choose which option you would like to do - circles or strips:

Circle Rings:

Trace circles on the back of the paper and cut them out.  This is great for building those fine motor skills in young artists.  You will need 5-6 circles per ring depending on the size of the circles and the ring. 

Glue the circles onto the rings, overlapping them so no cardboard is showing.  Depending on the type of paper you use, it may be tough to get them to stick with regular glue. 

A small piece of tape on the back can help keep the circles in place.  Before gluing on the final circle, write the name of the guest on it and then attach it to the ring.  Let dry at least 12 hours before using.

Strip Rings:

For the less patient crafter, the strip is a much better option.  Place the cardboard ring along the bottom edge of the paper and mark how high you will need to cut it to create a strip that will cover it completely. 

Cut out the strip and tape or glue it on to the cardboard ring.  Cut out a circle in a contrasting color for the nameplate.  Be sure to write the guest’s name on the circle before attaching it to the now covered ring.  Let dry at least 12 hours before using if you have used glue.

  1. Slide the dinner napkins through the rings and you have instant kid-created Thanksgiving table.

Did your kids make some Thanksgiving Napkin Rings? Take a photo and share it with us in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @MamaTeaches! We'd love to see your creations!