Mouse Ears Headband for Chester’s Way

Mouse Ears Headband for Chester’s Way

The June 2014 Book Buddies class that I’ll be teaching next week on CurrClick Live is about the wonderful book Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes. Before the class begins, students will have an opportunity to make a Mouse Ears Headband to wear during class. They’ll also be able to submit photos of themselves in the mouse ears to share with everyone if they choose to do so. Since the class sold out in about 4 days (wowzerz!), I thought I’d share this extension activity with all of you in case you’d like to read the book on your own and create your own ears.


Ages: 4+ with adult supervision
Time: 15-20 minutes


  1. Print out the mouse ear templates.
  2. Cut two outer mouse ears from one of the pieces of brown construction paper and two inner mouse ears from the pink construction paper.
  3. Fold the other piece of brown construction paper in thirds lengthwise and cut into strips.
  4. Tape the strips together, adjusting to fit the size of your head, to form a headband.
  5. Glue the inner ears to the outer ears.
  6. Pinch the base of one of the mouse ears together and tape it to the inside of the headband. Repeat for the other ear, placing it on the opposite side of the headband.
  7. Read Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes while sporting your fun, new Chester mouse ears!