Frozen Snowflake Templates

Like peanut butter and jelly, snowflakes and Disney’s Frozen are a perfect match.

While regular snowflakes are wonderful and definitely give your house a wintery feel, why not make snowflakes with some of the movie characters?

Anthony Herrera Designs makes some amazing snowflake templates! For years, he’s come up with snowflake template designs that will make your imagination go wild! Forget boring snowflakes, because these free printable snowflake patterns are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood – or classroom! Just imagine how cute they’d look hanging from the ceiling in your school room!

From Olaf to Anna and Elsa, these snowflake templates can be easily printed out on regular paper. Cardstock would be waaaaay too thick to get the strong creases and folds that you need to make these stand out, so stick with bright white copy paper.

Simply cut them out, fold, and cut out the grey parts of the design.

Heads Up: Some of the inner pieces can be a bit challenging, so kids will need an adult’s cutting expertise for the tiny areas.