Friday Freebie: Take What You Need Tickets

Friday Freebie: Take What You Need Tickets.

In the last few years I have seen pictures of posters encouraging people to take what they need by ripping off the tabs at the bottom of the page. Students at the college where my husband works actually did something similar as part of their campus community spirit campaign. Every time I see them I think how fun it would be to see these posters when we are out and about…but I never do. So, for today’s Friday Freebie, I decided to create one that can be quickly printed out and hung on community bulletin boards throughout the community. In fact, I think I will print one out and hang it in our homeschool room. Grace, kindness, joy, and peace are needed even here at home.

To save yourself some color ink, print the Take What You Need Tickets in grayscale. Of course, the colorful ones are a definite attention grabber and sure to bring a smile to the faces of those who need it most.

Do me a favor? Snap a photo of your poster after you hang it up and share it on our Facebook page, tag me on Twitter, or send it along in an email at Brandi at MamaTeaches dot com. I would love to see where the posters end up!

Download your Take What You Need Tickets poster here or by clicking on the image below.