Easy Christmas Geo-Tree Craft for Kids

Since we homeschool, it’s always fun to combine our craft activities during the holidays with a bit of learning.

We’ve been working on all sorts of things in math, but the geo-boards have seen their fair share of action lately. Instead of simply working on the flat board, we decided to take the geo-board to the next level by creating a Christmas Geo-Tree.

It’s fun, easy, and good for children ages 5 and above (with adult supervision, of course).

It’s also great for Occupational Therapy (OT) lessons, because it involves a lot of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill work.

Easy Christmas Geo-Tree Craft


Ages: 5+ with adult supervision

Time Needed: 20 minutes


  • Styrofoam cone
  • Golf tees
  • Green tempera paint
  • Paint Prep Box
  • Rubber bands
  • Paint brush


  1. Cover your working surface with a plastic tablecloth.
  2. Paint the cone with the green tempera paint and let it dry.
  3. Push the golf tees into the styrofoam. There’s no correct way to do this, just push them in all over the tree. You could even use a toy hammer or something similar to pound the tees into the styrofoam – just be gentle!
  4. Hook the rubber bands from peg to peg around the tree. Again, there’s no correct way to do this. Just loop and stretch. There does not need to be a pattern. This part is fabulous for fine motor skill coordination!
  5. Let it dry completely and display with your Christmas decorations! You might even want to string a small strand of indoor lights around it! Just be sure the lights don’t get warm, or your styrofoam may melt!

If you decide to do this craft, snap a photo and let us know how it goes by posting it to our Facebook page!