Baby Sock Snowman Ornament

Baby Sock Snowman Ornament – 25 Days of Quick Kids’ Christmas Ornaments: Day 1.

We are kicking off the 25 Days of Quick Kids’ Christmas Ornaments today with one of our favorite easy and adorable crafts. This Baby Sock Snowman Ornament is quick to make, and requires only a few easy-to-find materials. So, set aside 15 minutes and get crafting with your kids!

Baby Sock Snowman Ornament

Ages: 3+ (with adult supervision)

Time: 15 minutes

Materials Needed:

  • 1 infant sock per snowman (0-6 months)
  • Cotton balls (medium size, not the extra-large ones)
  • Pipe cleaner in your choice of colors
  • 5” long strip of fabric (about 1/2” wide)
  • Fine-tip black marker
  • Fine-tip orange marker
  • White yarn or curling ribbon


1.Stuff five cotton balls into the bottom of the sock. Arrange them so here are no weird lumps.

2.Tie a piece of yarn tight around the sock right above the cotton balls to create the bottom snowball.

3.Stuff 3-4 cotton balls into the sock to create the middle snowball of your snowman. Smooth out the bumps and make sure that the second layer is slightly smaller than the bottom layer.

4.Tie a piece of yarn tight around the sock directly above the second layer of cotton balls to create the middle snowball of the snowman.

5.Stuff 1-2 cotton balls into the sock to create the snowman’s head. Smooth out any bumps.

6.Holding directly above the top cotton balls, tie a knot in the sock to close it off and create the top snowball.

7.Using the fine-tip black marker, draw on eyes, buttons, and a mouth.

8.Use the orange fine-tip marker to make a nose.

9.Fold the strip of fabric in half lengthwise and tie it between the first and second snowballs as a scarf. Trim as needed.

10.Wrap a pipe cleaner around the bottom of the knot that you tied above the head snowball and bring the ends to the back. Twist it once or twice to hold it in place.

11.Cut a small slit in the top part of the sock that is directly above (about 1/2-1” above) where the pipe cleaner twists in the back of the knot.

12.Slip the ends of the pipe cleaner through the slit.

13.Fold down the top of the sock and fold up a little bit of the end, so that it makes the snowman’s hat. You can adjust the hat until it looks just like you want it to look.

14.Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together to create the hanger.

15.Hang on your Christmas tree and enjoy!

Did you make the Baby Sock Snowman? Share your beautiful ornament with us by posting a picture below or tagging us on Instagram @MamaTeaches! Merry Christmas!