5 Ways to Recycle and Reinvent a Cereal Box

Let’s face it! Everyone loves cereal, and most of us have more than one box in the cabinet.

What do we do with these boxes when the cereal is gone? Other than tossing them in the recycling bin, we can give them a new purpose!

Magazine Holder – Keep your magazines neat and tidy with an empty cereal box. Just cut the top off diagonally or any way you wish. Stand the boxes upright on a book shelf or table and insert magazines. Want to make more? Gather your game books like word search, crossword, and sudoko. Don’t forget about the kids’ coloring books!

Mail Organizer – This is a great idea for those with piles of mail scattered around the house. Take the top off and set up your “mail slots” by either stacking the boxes on top of each other or maybe attaching them to the wall. Mail can be organized by recipient, sender, type, or whatever works best for you!

Gift Box – So, you have a present for someone special but don’t know what to put it in? Grab an empty cereal box, stick on a bow, and you have a gift box! If it’s too large, cut it down to size. Another idea is to cut the top off and add some handles (these can be made from the top you just cut off). Toss in your present and some tissue paper and it becomes a gift bag!

Bookmark – What a neat way to save the page in your favorite read! Simply cut some strips from the cereal box. Punch a hole in one end, and tie some ribbon through!

Storage Keeper – Cereal boxes can work wonders for storing many different items. Make a home for those take-out menus or recipes. You could even organize your DVD’s or CD’s. If you want, cut the box to desired size and get going!

All of your new cereal box creations look fabulous as is. However, if you want to jazz them up, try decorating them. Use paint, glitter, fabric, or even contact paper to give your reinventions a little character!