4th of July Flag Craft for Kids

Make your own American flag using the free template that comes with this Fourth of July Kids Craft!

There is nothing that says summer more than a hometown parade with fire trucks, the high school band, and, of course, the spectators along the route waving their American flags. We love our town's 4th of July parade so much that we get there early just to make sure we get the same great spot every year. It's a highlight of the day!

American Flag Fourth of July Kids Craft

This quick and easy kids’ craft gives even the youngest parade watchers a flag of their very own.  Make a dozen of them and pass them out to fellow parade goers on the next 4th of July! The best part? Kids of all ages can help make them!

Parade Flag Craft

Ages:  2 and up (with parental supervision)

Time:  10-15 minutes

Materials Needed:


  1. Print out the Parade Flag Template.
  2. Cut out the American flags as one long piece.
  3. Fold on the fold line with the colored flag on the outside.
  4. Place the straw on the inside of the fold.
  5. Staple the straw and the fold of the flag together.
  6. Staple the open end of the flag together.
  7. Get ready to celebrate and enjoy your parade!

And, after you get done at the parade, be sure to head home and whip up some 4th of July Desserts for your barbecue! These festive desserts are delicious (although not so nutritious...shhh). ;)