4 Educational Turkey Craft Activities

Brandi Jordan

As we were whipping up the Thanksgiving Turkey Tissue Boxes the other day, we were left with a bunch of leftover turkey…of the construction paper kind, of course. So, what do homeschool moms do when faced with potential construction paper scraps? That’s right! We turn them into a learning activity. Here are four ways to turn your Thanksgiving turkey decorations into some hands-on, outside the box, feather-filled learning fun.

4 Educational Turkey Craft Activities

1. Rhyme Time Turkey

It’s time to rhyme and who better to help than Tom the Turkey! Write a word that has quite a few rhyming words on the turkey’s belly and write rhyming words on the feathers. I will caution you about using “sit” like we did. Let’s just say that while the words that flew from the six-year old’s mouth technically rhymed, there was no way a few of them were going on the turkey…

2. Equivalent Fraction Turkey

Super G is working on fractions, so it seemed only appropriate to create an equivalent fraction turkey with him. It was a great way to reinforce those equivalent fractions and it turned out pretty darn cute to boot.

3. Word Family Turkey

Little Miss was so proud of her Word Family Turkey! She picked -an and wrote words from the word family on the feathers herself. She was a tad disappointed that all of her words didn’t go the same way, but we blamed it on a bad feather day. We all have them.

4. “Just the Facts” Addition Turkey

What equals 10? The turkey can tell you! Place the product number on the turkey’s belly and write the facts that equal that number on the feathers. Glue them together and, ta-da!, instant addition fun.

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