3 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Let your child’s imagination run wild this summer!

It is the perfect time to create summer crafts like whimsical shirts, beach treasures, and still life art. Here are a few fun summer crafts for kids of all ages that are sure to make the season memorable.

Summer Shirts Crafts
Let your kids get messy with paint and be creative while making their own summer outfits.

  • Tie Dyed Shirts – Tie-dyed shirts are a popular hit this season. Create colorful splashes and patterns on T-shirts using fabric dyes and rubber bands.
  • Nature Shirts – Pick up assorted natural objects from the beach or your backyard such as seashells, leaves, and flowers, and use spray paint to print the design.
  • Fun Print Shirts – Stamp shirts with your thumbs, hands, or feet using fabric dye and create cute shirt designs like footprints, suns, rainbows, butterflies, and more.

Beach Crafts
Have some creative fun with your kids using sandy beach treasures such as seashells, rocks, and sea glass.

  • Ocean Bottles – Create a small-scale ocean by placing sand and small seashells in a recycled water or soda bottle of blue and green colored water. Use food dye to create the ocean blue color.
  • Sandy Mosaics – Bring Plaster of Paris when on a trip to the beach and create sandy mosaics with your kids. Make impressions of hands or sea creatures in the sand and use beach treasures to press into the mosaic.

Still Life Crafts
Create artistic and lasting memories of your kids’ strolls in the park, trips to the beach, and fun camping trips.

  • Pressed Flowers – Collect assorted flowers, grass, and leaves while on a walk with your children. Press the objects between pieces of wax paper under a heavy book for about 10 days. After the objects have been flattened completely, make a beautiful collage or picture using those natural pieces.
  • Preserved Seaweeds – Pick seaweeds and sea plants at the beach and take them home to preserve by pressing between wax paper for two weeks. Put them into a memory box frame or your summer scrapbook. They will look great in a beach theme living room!

Make this summer a crafty one! What are your favorite summer crafts for kids?