25 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Spending Mother’s Day crafting with your children can be incredibly fun.

Unfortunately, last year I spent it sick in a hotel room in New Orleans while at a conference. Not. Fun. This year, I’m determined to make up for it. Since my kids love to make crafts, we’re going to work on some Mother’s Day ones together. Their grandmothers will be ecstatic, I’m sure. Really, whatever they might make for you, the real gift is the memories that you create while making them, right? Here are 25 adorable crafts that your kids will have a lot of fun making, and you (or your mom and mother-in-law) will cherish for years to come. Happy Mother’s Day!

25 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

  1. Handprint Tulips – Your kids can bring you beautiful tulips made of their own handprints.
  2. Woven Paper Flower Basket – A beautiful craft for older kids, you can use this basket to hold your other Mother’s Day presents! Nothing like a bit of optimism, right?
  3. Puzzle Card – Your kids can have fun putting together a puzzle as they make a card for their mother.
  4. “Why I Love Mom” Jar – With heartfelt messages from your children, you can keep this jar next to your bed for off days, when you need to remind yourself of all the reasons you’re a great mother!
  5. Popsicle Stick Recipe Card Holder – If you love cooking with your kids, they can make this adorable craft for storing all of their favorite recipes!
  6. L-O-V-E Photos – If your children love to ham it up for the camera, then this might be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for you to make with the whole family.
  7. Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder – With just pipe cleaners and Cheerios, you and your children can make a bird feeder, then hang it up and watch the birds flock to your home.
  8. Homemade Tie-Dye Bookmarks – With sharpies, rubbing alcohol, and an empty plastic jug, your kids can make a truly beautiful bookmark that you can use every day!
  9. Perfumed Bath Salts – Children of almost any age can use your favorite perfume to make soothing bath salts. I’d swap out the perfume for Lavender essential oil for sure.
  10. Embroidered Hand Prints – This is a great gift to send to Grandma! After tracing your children’s hands onto a piece of fabric, you can embroider the outlines for a lasting keepsake of their childhoods. It’s also great fine motor skill practice for your older kids, so let them stitch away!
  11. Paint-Glue Relief – With a bit of a twist on your usual finger-painted projects, paint-glue relief gives a 3D look to your kids’ paintings.
  12. Chore Charts – Once your kids print out a few of these chore charts, you can make household chores into a teamwork activity! The real present is a clean and peaceful house. Can I get an “Amen!”?!
  13. Flower Pens – These beautiful pens can decorate your desk and are easy for kids to make. We use them a lot for our homeschool lessons, because it’s much more fun to write with flowers!
  14. Homemade Candy Plants – Candy and flowers all in one! Children 5 and up will love making this craft.
  15. Handprint Flower Tote – Show off your kids’ creativity everywhere you go with these adorable flower totes made with their hand- and footprints!
  16. Footprint Footstool – Make a family footstool with every member’s imprint. You can even include family pets!
  17. Silhouette Plaque – For a classic hanging in your home, make silhouettes of your children on wooden plaques.
  18. Tablet Holder – If you can’t be separated from your tablet, and especially if you use it in the kitchen, you’ll appreciate this tablet holder made from a wooden cutting board.
  19. Tangram Puzzle Card – If you’re teaching your kids about shapes with tangrams, this is a great way to incorporate learning into a craft!
  20. Heartstring Wall Art – A simple but gorgeous craft for older children.
  21. Felt Journal Cover – Your kids can make a meaningful cover for your daily journal or agenda with felt and a little stitching.
  22. Bubble Mailer Tablet Case – You can carry your tablet around in a simple but effective DIY case that’s easy enough for your kids to make for you.
  23. Kitchen Herb Garden – Grow with your kids! Make an herb garden for the kitchen windowsill with your kids, and recall the great memories every time you need a little fresh basil. It also makes a great learning opportunity!
  24. Potholder Clutch – Although this clutch is described as an emergency kit, your kids can stuff it with anything they think that you would appreciate—notes, candy, paper flowers, or anything they want!
  25. Thumbprint Family Tree – What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to look back at all the other mothers in the family tree? Your entire family can help out with this adorable craft, and your kids can investigate their heritage.

Mother’s Day is a time to relax and enjoy the company of your children. With all of these excellent crafts, your children can make meaningful and useful keepsakes that you can always cherish. Besides, you’ll look totally on top of the holiday when Grandma opens her gift!