20 Summer Crafts for Kids

Keep crafts going all summer long with these fun summer crafts for kids!

Summer break is almost here and I have to admit, I’m a bit worried. Keeping three kids from uttering the dreaded, “Mom, I’m bored!” phrase? It's going to be a challenge!

So, I’ve gathered some of my favorite summer crafts for kids and put them all into one handy article. You see, friends, this resource is as much for me as it is for you! *insert evil laugh* Ha!

Now, before that final school bell rings or homeschool book closes, grab the art supplies you’ll need and get ready for some summer craft fun!

Mom Tip: The kids crafts ideas below are great for kids from preschool age through high school. My teens especially love the tie-dye crafts!

Summer Crafts for Kids

Take left over paper plates from your BBQ’s to make delicious looking ice cream! This fun, easy craft will have your kids melting!

2. More Paper Plate Fun with this Dream Catcher Craft

When you’re all done crafting, hang these up on a sunny day to watch them dance in the wind!

This is a quick craft that can give you hours of bird watching later!

Your kids will love fixing up a new home for your backyard friends! Attach the bird feeder craft from above to get plenty more pretty creatures fluttering around your home.

All this talk about birds has me thinking about nature journals. Get excited about the outdoors by either buying a journal or binding your own.

As the outside world is blooming, so should your inside! This adorable kids craft will brighten up your house, just in time for summer.

Another way to brighten the room is with this fun way to record how tall your kids are! They will love painting the long, long stem of the sunflower.

I did this one with the kids that I nanny and they loved it! I helped them put gems and other décor on the shell back using the hot glue gun. Let their creativity flourish!

Your kids can bring the beach home with them with this awesome keepsake craft. It’ll be a nice reminder of all the beachy fun they had while away!

Do you have extra tissue paper laying around from various holidays and gift-giving’s? Turn it into a beautiful, fluffy bouquet.

Arrrgh matey! The kids will love creating their pirate ship for play-time and photo-shoot fun. Luckily, no one will have to walk the plank on this ship!

These sailboats are easy to craft and it’s so hard to not have fun with them! Your kids will have fun racing their new spongey boats!

Who said learning can’t be fun? This craft will not only be fun to make, but will also be a great way to practice the ABC’s!

Away with the traditional game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Add this cool craft to your backyard for some fun new shenanigans!

Recycle that pringles can into something exciting by transforming it into a colorful kaleidoscope! The kids will love working with the sparkles, the paint and all the beautiful tissue paper.

Have any empty mustard bottles? Help your kids turn them into cute bumblebees for the garden or the front lawn! Or if you have any ketchup bottles, turn them into little ladybugs!

Speaking of ladybugs… Let your kids wear one on their heads with this crazy, cute craft!

Don’t just pop the bubble wrap, paint it and turn it into a pretty painting! It won’t take long to make, but it’ll be a long-lasting piece of art!

Have some island fun with this fun footprint monkey craft! Have some paper towels ready in hand, it could be messy!

It’s not summer if you don’t tie-dye! This is definitely an outside activity, but it’s worth it for the awesome creations your kids will make!

Feeling inspired? Take a picture of your favorite summer crafts and share it with us in a conversation or in the comments below! We’d love to see what you’re up to!