We rarely eat sugary cereal, which made this activity even more fun for our kids!

It was great, better than a babysitter! Kept my preschoolers entertained for over an hour! Maybe these Fruit Loops activities will help you wash your dishes in peace.



First the kids practiced color identification and sorting. They love to sort! I gave them two big bowls of cereal and let them sort the various colors into the muffin tin “slots”. We made some comparisons and contrasts:

  • Who can find the smallest Fruit Loop?
  • Who can find a broken green Fruit Loop?
  • Are there more purple or blue fruit loops?
  • Which muffin tin has the most? Which has the least?

After sorting the Fruit Loops, we practiced making and predicting with patterns. We would put two green, two purple, two green, well, you get the drift. My daughter loved figuring out what color would go next. She’s 3.5 years old. She then had a blast creating her own patterns and having me guess what would come next… but my son (2.5) was bored out of his mind! Poor kid! He kept wanting to eat them! He struggled through the pattern making fun.

Fine Motor Skills. Other than the actual eating this was their favorite part! The kiddos made necklaces and bracelets with the Fruit Loops. They had to practice hand and eye coordination as they stringed the cereal onto the ribbon. We learned how the cereal disintegrates if you try to string wet, partially eaten pieces.

My preschoolers loved learning with the Fruit Loops and were a sticky, sugar crazed mess by the time our snack time had ended! Thanks to Muffin Tin Mondays for motivation! We love our muffin tin snack times!

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