Do you have independent children? So far, I have three of them!

by Rachel

This Popsicle recipe is perfect for them. It was simple enough that with minimal supervision/intervention my four year old was able to give the directions (she loved that) to my three year old who mixed these yummy treats up!

We made a couple different batches. The inspiration for these popsicles came from hearing about the dripless icecream that they make with jello, and after having to hose down a toddler covered in traditional popsicle goo… Why don’t we make jello popsicles? The kids love them!


  • Box of Jello – we have used cherry, lime and strawberry. I bet all the flavors would taste great! Note: the red colors do stain clothes! We learned that the hard way.
  • Orange Juice – 1 Cup. Love that the new Minute Maid bottle is so easy to pour! This also adds to the health benefit – these could be great during the flu season, hydrating the kids and giving them vitamin C and other vitamins!
  • Fruit – we’ve mashed bananas, added pureed peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc. Be creative! ETA: I was asked quantities, and it varied each time we made them. Probably a cup or two.
  • Hot water – 1 Cup

While I boiled a cup of water, Z mashed the fruit. Then I gave him the hot water and he dumped the jello in it stirring for a little while. Add the Minute Maid and fruit. Then fill the popsicle cups (we filled mini-dixie cups with the leftovers) and freeze for a few hours until frozen. So simple!

Rachel is the founder of the blog, One Crazy House. She is the co-author of 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! and The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and six children.