Food cooked on a fire tastes so much better than the “everyday” food we make at home!

One of my favorite things about camping is the food. Food cooked on a fire tastes so much better than the “everyday” food we make at home! A couple of weekends ago we went on a camping trip as a family – it was wonderful!

Other than my kids catching their first fish (I think they trained the fish at that campground to come when they see a fishing pole – we caught 5 in half an hour!), the highlight of our trip were campfire cones that we made. These “Smore Cones” were so yummy a fun fruit hack and are super easy to make!


Chopped Fruit. The kids chose strawberries and bananas – but I bet any berries, even tart apples, would be perfect!
Chocolate Chips. We used semi-dark, chocolate chips – love the extra antioxidants.
Waffle Ice-Cream Cone. Unfortunately, not any icecream cone will work – we tried. I’d love to experiment with waffle bowls next time. Tin Foil. To wrap your cone once you have it stuffed to capacity.


First, we chopped our fruit into smaller, more manageable bits. Then, we mixed all of our ingredients (the fruit, marshmallows, chocolate, etc.) together into a metal bowl. We wrapped the cones in foil and the kids had fun stuffing the waffle cones till they were brimming and overflowing! We folded the foil over the top and laid them over the fire, once the coals had turned gray. We rotated our Fruit and S’more Campfire Cones a couple of times. In about 5-7min they were ready to eat! The kids ate their cones as you would icecream (just digging their faces in), hubs and I preferred a spoon – this is a very gooey treat!


Other variations we hope to try in the future include using Carmel bits and apple slices, or adding toffee, or another favorite candy bar chopped into bits..

What would you put in your cone??

I would definitely put some Snickers bits and a banana in my cone. Nothing better than banana, peanut butter and chocolate!