Kids love slime. They love it, The ewwwier the better! This slime recipe is super simple, like our library of other play recipes.

by Rachel

This recipe requires only 4 ingredients AND it glows in the dark!

The downside, it’s slimy, and while it does not stick to hard surfaces and is easily washed off of hands, it will penetrate clothes and carpet.

One skirt is a casualty of today’s fun. If you ask my daughter, she’ll say it was worth it… but this is definitely an outdoor/old clothes activity.


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While we measured the ingredients, you can adjust the amounts and while your slime may have a slightly different consistency it should still turn out. So feel free to have your kids do the measuring (except for the borax). Mix all the ingredients, again, except for the borax, in a disposable cup. Once the glue, paint, water and syrup are mixed it should look like a milky water. Don’t worry, it will solidify with the borax. Add the teaspoon of borax and stir continuously for a couple of minuets. As you stir the borax will combine with the glue to create a polymer. The paint and the corn syrup help add surface tension making this recipe more slimy than other borax polymer recipes.

After an afternoon of playing with your slime outside, bring the slime in and store it inside an airtight jar. We have ours in a clear plastic jar – so the kids can see it. It will still glow after the paint has been charged. Ours had a faint glow, but I bet yellow or green would have been brighter.


Borax can be harmful if ingested, so be sure to supervise kids with the borax – this is a not-in-their-mouths activity. However, as it has become a polymer the risks are lower as the borax has changed chemical properties. We felt safe doing this activity with our three year old triplets, but you know your kids maturity. Use discretion.