Tooth Brushing Incentive Charts

Make brushing teeth more fun and rewarding with these printable Tooth Brushing Incentive Charts!

Featuring two fun tooth brushing incentive charts, this printable PDF is the perfect way to get kids excited about brushing their teeth morning, noon, and night!

Each time a child brushes his or her teeth, use one of the printable stickers (best printed on solid sheet sticker paper) to mark off one of the boxes. When all of the boxes are filled up, your child can get a special prize or reward.

The cards can also be re-used if you print them on cardstock and laminate them. Use a dry erase marker instead of the stickers to mark your child's progress.

We recommend printing the PDF on cardstock, because it will be more durable and withstand the frequent handling by little hands.

Printable Tooth Brushing Incentive Charts

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