We are so excited about these Thanksgiving coloring pages.

by Holly

They are the first step in preparation for our Thanksgiving celebration table {see tomorrow for the final party!}. These ideas are inspired by our friends at Country Crock.

Today we are making preparations for our Thanksgiving dinner celebration! Setting the table can be a lot of fun. We are going to start with some Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.


We have a whole set of Thanksgiving coloring pages that can be used as placemats, placecards, napkin rings and table decorations.

Each of the four pages can be printed out and colored {and cut out} to create a custom Thanksgiving celebration.


Download the free coloring pages:

1.Thanksgiving Placemat: This black and white version of our Thanksgiving Placemat {see number 4 below for the color border version}. It is sized to print onto legal-sized paper. Click here to print: Thanksgiving Black/White Placemat

2.Thanksgiving Placecards: These cute placecards can be colored ahead of time for the adult table or used as entertainment to decorate at the kids’ table. This is sized for standard paper size. Click here to print: Thanksgiving Placecard Printable

3.Thanksgiving Napkin Rings: Color, cut and tape/glue these Thanksgiving napkin rings for table decor. This is also sized for standard paper size. Click here to print: Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

4.Thanksgiving Placemat with Color Border: This is the version that is seen in the first picture of this post. it is sized to print onto legal-sized paper. Click here to print: Thanksgiving Color Border Placemat


Getting the little ones involved in the decoration of the BIG table or creating a special table for them can be a ton of fun. They can color napkin rings and placecards in preparation for the festivities.

We also colored the accessories, but not for their intended use. We thought it would be fun to create a Country Crock cover for our Thanksgiving table.

To make it all fancy!

1.We started with an empty Country Crock container. Because we are going to use decorations that may not be food-safe, we are making a removable cover that won’t come in contact with food. The full Country Crock container will be slipped into the one that we are decorating for Thanksgiving dinner.

2.The decoration base is going to be brown so we tore up a paper bag into small, irregular pieces to cover the container.

3.Using flat Mod Podge ®, we covered the Country Crock with a thin layer of the glue-y substance and layered it with the paper pieces.

4.The paper pieces were covered with another layer of Mod Podge ®.

5.On top we added a colored napkin ring printable and another layer of Mod Podge ®.

We will unveil the finished product tomorrow when you see the rest of our Thanksgiving celebration table!


We also did some research on what recipes would be good to include at our Thanksgiving feast for the younger set. One of the resources I used was the Country Crock website..You are able to search by type of food and ingredients and then print them..There were several that caught my eye: –Apple Pecan Holiday StuffingHoliday Butternut SquashCinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes.But we chose a very non-traditional recipe we found there..Shhhh….you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out!.Thanks so much to Country Crock for sponsoring this post {and tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Celebration Party}. It has been a ton of fun playing! All opinions expressed are my own.