Get all dressed up for Mardi Gras and get ready to party with your own DIY Printable Mardi Gras Mask Craft.

The kids can color and customize their own mask for Mardi Gras with this free printable activity. Color, cut it out and put it together however you’d like. All you need is a little creative fun and you’ll be ready for the celebration in no time!


To make these masks, you’ll need crayons (or other coloring supplies), scissors, glue, a hole punch and some string. Download and print the mask craft and then color all the pieces however you’d like. Cut out each piece and then decorate the mask with all the fun pieces you’ve colored. There are feathers, pretend gems and flowers that you can use to make your own unique Mardi Gras mask. If you’d like, use some glitter glue, glue on gems and add other fun embellishments to really make your mask sparkle!

Once you are finished decorating your mask, use the hole punch to create a hole on each side of the mask. Tie some string through each hole and then you can tie the mask on to wear it. If you don’t want to tie the mask on, you can glue the finished mask to a stick and carry it, holding it up to your face when you’d like to show it off.

Invite friends over or use this as an activity with a whole class. Everyone can create their own unique mask with this printable Mardi Gras Mask craft. Don’t forget to include the Colors of Mardi Gras; green, purple and gold… everyone loves a little extra sparkle when they celebrate Fat Tuesday!

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