We have such a fun free printable for you today to help your kids learn the states and their capitals!

There are three printables here that will grow with your child as they master their familiarity with the states and state capitals.

The first has all of the states outlined, as well as filled in with the state’s name and capital city. Children can use this sheet to study and even to color the states as they learn where each state is in relation to the others.

When they start to feel confident, you can move them on to the second sheet. This one is similar to the first, but has not capital cities on it. Your child will have to match the capital cities to the state and write them in on their own.

The third sheet only has the states outlined, but with no state or city names written in on it. The child will then be able to go through and add the state titles as well as the capital cities for each state, entirely on their own.

Coloring can be done on any and all of these sheets once completed. It can be a nice creative outlet after studying all the names and cities!

Do your kids know all the states yet? Which of these free printables for learning states and capitals will you let them start with?

These printables are available for free when you sign-up for a free account at the Kids Activities Blog Printables Library!

Download & Print–> States and Capitals Worksheets

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