Kids Trivia Nothing More Than Fun Facts

Sharing interesting facts can make you the center of attention at a social gathering. This is because such facts easily

Yes, bizarre facts or happenings that are different from routine behavior always intrigue the listeners. They take the listener to another world, where impossible becomes possible and every action or situation leads to a reaction.

There are many strange facts about nature, animals and plants, the universe and about people living on the earth. For instance, isn’t it strange that the hair of intelligent people contain more zinc and copper? It would interest you to know that Colgate confronted great difficulty in countries where Spanish is spoken. This is because, Colgate in Spanish means: ‘Go, hang yourself’.

Kids Trivia also include fun facts and a host of other activities like games, quizzes, puzzles, educational puzzles, etc. Children love challenges and live up to solving them. The trivia is based around favorite characters so that children can relate to it easily. Extremely popular characters among children include Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Spiderman, etc. Children always learn and grasp better and faster in play-way mode. This is also a great way for parents to spend time with their children, while still not teaching them. In this way, children also stay in touch with the age-old nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and traditional board games, which are losing significance today.

Senior citizens often complain about their failing memory. They easily forget recent happenings and conversations. They also misplace their belongings often, due to this. This forgetfulness, sometimes takes the form of Alzheimer’s disease. It is a known fact that puzzles help to improve the mind power. They are the best way of exercising the brain cells, which are idle due to lack of mental activity. Crosswords, quizzes, number puzzles like magic square, Soduku, Kakuro, etc. force one to think deeply and make active use of our brain.

There are many types of challenge trivia. All of them aim at posing a challenge. It could be in the form of guessing game where a caricature, a distorted, or incomplete image of a famous person is shown; a game where you have to achieve a particular target, a puzzle which you have to finish by solving correctly or questions related to general knowledge that have to be answered. All these challenges are categorized according to age groups or levels, so that everybody can enjoy them.

But interesting facts rule the roost, as they have the charm and charisma to attract people of all ages, both sexes, and all classes of society. One doesn’t have to be educated or intelligent to hear about an interesting bit of information. These trivia will amuse you no end and you will read them with wide eyes and open mouth. They will fascinate you in such a way that you would be eager to hear and see more.

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