Need a project to keep little hands busy and engaged this side of Easter?

Try making this simple cardboard bunnylacing card template – all you need is a shoelace, a toothpick and just 10 minutes of your time. Hand to eye coordination activities just got cuter!!

Materials You Need:
Craft Knife
Glue (I used copydex as it’s fast drying)
Long Shoelace
Toothpick (a plastic children’s sewing needle would be better if you have as it won’t break too easily)
Glue Gun
Hole Punch

First download the free bunny template here

Cut out your bunny cardboard pieces – I made a sandwich of three to create a thick and durable bunny, to use over and over again.

Glue your bunny pieces together and leave aside to dry.

Nip the sharp ends off the toothpick, blunt is better for the littles. And tie a knot in one end of the shoelace.

Put a drop of hot glue at one end of the toothpick and push it into the centre of the shoelace. Wet the tips of your finger and tap the skin of the glue to ensure it lies flush against the toothpick.

Punch random holes in your cardboard bunny stack.

Now your little one is ready to lace in and out to their little hearts content.

Happy Crafting