Free Halloween Treat Bag Topper

Well Howdy there!

I was just wondering how YOUR Halloween Preparation is going?

And, while I was wondering, I thought I would give away this awesome Halloween Treat Bag Topper. It's super cute, with googly cross eyes and bat wings. PLUS, you can edit the 'No Tricks, Just Treats' or 'Bat Poop' sections you see in the pic with your own message if you want to!

You could say anything you like, like maybe 'Love from the Johnson Family' or something that is relevant to the candy you are using in your candy bag.

And just to make it easy on yourself, watch this quick 4 minute video , which will make you a step-by-step pro in just 4 minutes!

Happiest of Halloween's to you!



This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you so much

Thank you so much