I loved to create paper dolls when I was a kid so this design your own paper dolls set is definitely a favorite.

by Jen Goode

Dress up dolls have so many possibilities for pretend play and area easy to take with you and fun to make accessories for. You can get creative and design whatever you’d like for clothing and color them however you want. Then comes in the imagination and the story telling. Paper dolls are such an amazing activity for learning and play!


With this printable paper doll set, you can design the character and clothing however you’d like. Make a boy with blue jeans and a baseball shirt. Or design a girl with a pretty skirt and happy face shirt. You decide what the dolls look like and what color their clothes are. Add glitter and sequins or yarn and mini buttons. Whatever you’d like, have fun and get creative!

This printable paper doll kit comes with 1 doll figure and a variety of clothing. Use these pieces as is or cut out and use as templates to make your own patterned paper or fabric outfits. Color with crayons, markers or even paint. And, you can draw in your own designs and fun decorations.

A tip for cutting out the bag. To cut out the center of the handle on the bag, simply cut across the top of the bag on one side of the handle and then cut the center out. If you have a child helping cut out pieces, this is a much safer way to cut than poking a hole. The bag will still stay on the doll even with the handle cut like this.

This printable is available exclusively at The Printables Library at Kids Activities Blog! Click HERE to download it!

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I hope you have fun with this Design Your Own Paper Doll printable set. It’s a fun activity to do with friends, family and even in the classroom. Kids can make themselves or make their whole family!

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