This snowman craft is just precious!

by Holly

It is a snowman printable that can be assembled and decorated easily by kids of all ages. Go ahead and print an extra copy for yourself because you know you want to make one too…it is OK! Here at Kids Activities Blog parents get to play too :).


The first step is to print out this two page activity {black and white}: Snowman Printable

We decided to color the snowman parts first.

Then we cut out the snowman and the colored parts.

He was super cute and we could have stopped there, but we thought it would be fun to add some snowman accessories.


First came the black construction paper top hat. Rhett insisted that we add a “pilgrim buckle” to his top hat, so I cut out a small buckle shaped brown construction paper piece for his hat.

Then we made scarves from scrapbook paper.

I think this would really be a fun project to let the kids go wild with decorations. Some things we thought might be used to bring our Frosty to life:

  • real fabric scarf
  • real buttons glued on
  • find small black objects for eyes
  • find small orange triangle for nose
  • use real twigs for arms

These could make super cute kid handmade cards as well.


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