3 best interactive apps with fairy-tales

This is a list of proven fairy-tale apps for kids. They have different pluses and minuses but, all in all, are great

We do want to tell something more than just "Have a good night", or "Sleep tight" to our kids but, but unfortunately, very often have no time or even might to read a fairy-tale, or moreover make up a story of our own. It’s not always that easy so at some point I started looking for some apps which can save my time and simultaneously keep my kids interested in what is going on. One my friend, an experienced babysitter, gave me originally some list of 15 her favorite apps where I myself found 3 best I like the most. Below I tried to evaluate them briefly.

Beautiful design, nice voices, and interactive materials. Your child will not only read this book but also participate in the plot development which lures you into the book even better (believe me, I myself succumbed to it so many times). These lovely fairy tales are available in five languages: English, German, French, Russian, and Japanese.

Among minuses is the way you get the coins to open a new book. If you don’t get the coins, you simply pay for new stories, and the price here varies from $2,99 to $8,99. What I also didn’t like is the number of tales themselves: The total number of English tales is a little more than 23, whereas the rest of the languages are even fewer. I reckon the program is too young to impute for it, still as a user, I’d prefer to have much bigger choice.

This application is incredibly charming with marvelous illustrations and quizzes. All the books are divided into four categories: Fairy Tales, Animals, Novels and Greek Mythology.

There are both free and payable books but the price usually varies from $0.99 to $3 for a story. Here you’re also provided with a wide choice of languages: English, German, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian. As you’ve already understood, six languages suggest that a child may not only listen to the story, but also improve the knowledge of the other language if he or she learns one. Your kid can choose any word he or she doesn’t know yet and translate it with just clicking on it. Good news is that the number of free stories is immense.

The drawbacks, though, include the quality of the stories read aloud: you cannot always hear the pronounced sounds (that can also be the issue with my earphones, so do not take it absolutely serious) and the time needed for the download itself. But, all in all, the app is pretty cool.

I have to warn you I only bought several books of this series, so I may not tell you about all their works but what I used, I liked completely. The books are available in two languages only that are English and Spanish. The price for them is affordable though yeah, the question is still open: if you can download some books for free why the heck you need some that are payable? Well, if you have a kid, you understand how quickly they get bored with one thing and shift their attention to something new and if you have nothing interesting to show, go and make up a story of your own. To outstrip it, I tried some other apps from my friend’s list and stopped at this one. I noticed, it’s a common practice to ask $2.99 for a book, so this app is not an exception.

So, that is a shortened list of what I liked. Tell me in the comments below about your experience. I mean it, if you have something to say regarding any nice interactive app for kids to listen to and participate, let me know. As I said in the very beginning, there are lots of different stuff offered in the Internet, help me and other parents save the time.

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