Our 2-year-old child won’t sleep in her room.

by Becky

If we let her fall asleep alone in our room she is fine, but we can’t carry her over later in the night.

It can be so hard when your child won’t sleep in their room. Up all night, in and out of bed, into your room with fears or worries… sometimes it is just easier to give in. Today, we have some suggestions to help.

My Child Won’t Sleep in Her Room:

1.Check your routine. Do you have a calming routine?

2.Keep glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and by the light switch in her room. I even put them around a picture frame, so she can see our family in her room, even in the dark.

3.Put a nightlight in their bedroom, but let your child pick it out. Our daughter has an angel that can be moved around her room – it glows and she loves to keep it by her bed.

4.Sit outside of your child’s door for the first few nights, until they fall asleep. As soon as they come out of their room, put them back to bed, no questions asked.

5.Keep your child in their own bed with consistency… every single night you do the same thing when they come out of bed.

6.Be sure that you have given them water, a hug, a bathroom break, etc… before you put them to bed (to avoid any excuses).

7.Give them a favorite blanket and pillow that you pick out together.

8.Explain that if they come out of their bed, you will shut their door. The next time that they come out, their door is closed (only for one minute) then opened and you give them same warning again.

9.Earlier to bed. I know it is crazy, but your child may simply be OVER tired. Have you heard the term ‘sleep begets sleep’? They say it because it is true… a sleepy child sleeps better. An overly-sleepy child doesn’t sleep well at all.

10.Use a video monitor and as soon as he/she tries to get out of bed, say “Get back into bed” (our monitor goes both ways, so she can hear us, but we can see her). Works out perfectly.

In the meantime, try this idea when bedtime takes forever.