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Research over the past decade highlights the link between affection in childhood and health and happiness in the future.

"Higher self esteem, improved academic performance, better parent-child communication, and fewer psychological and behavior problems have been linked to this type of affection.
On the other hand, children who do not have affectionate parents tend to have lower self esteem and to feel more alienated, hostile, aggressive, and antisocial. We all live busy, stressful lives and have endless concerns as parents, but it is clear that one of the most important things we need to do is to stop and give our kids a big loving squeeze."

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I couldn't agree more!! HUG those kids!!! :). And don't stop until THEY stop... because they must need it.

I agree, Becky!!!

This is so true. I need to find the post I wrote awhile back about 17 hugs a day...thanks for this reminder!

I totally agree!! 💞💞💞